Book -Katie Kazoo anyone but me
By- Nancy Krulik
Written by -Jillian

Once there was a third grade girl named Katie in her class she had two friends Jeremy and Susan. Also in her class there was a bully named George. One day Katie was at school and was called on by her teacher to solve a math problem. Katie went up the board and was getting ready to solve the math problem when she burped. George acted like he was dying because the burp smelled and he almost fell out of his chair. At the end of the day she had to feed the class pet a hamster named Speedy. She said to the hamster “I’m sure it is easy being a hamster” then she feed the hamster and went home. On her way home the bully was waiting for her. She got called bad names by George that made her fill sad. When she got home she went right to her room and her dog went with her. After dinner she went outside and wished she could be anyone but herself. Katie did not see a shooting star in the night sky that went by. The next morning she was five minutes late for school. As she looked in the window of the school the wind blow but only round her. She tried to walk but she hit her had on glass she was the class pet the hamster Speedy. Then Katie deiced to escape from the hamster cage. She got the top open and got out then the class saw her and was trying to catch her when the principal opened the door and Katie got out of the class room. The class had to go to gym. Katie got in the boys locker room and got in George’s shoe. Then the boys came in so she got out and went to the girls bathroom where she would be safe. Will she stay has a hamster or turn in to herself?

Hi Jillian!
I have read almost all of the Katie Kazoo books, they are nice and funny,
i know what happens at the end but i wont spoil it for others who ahve not read the book -_-. I think you did a good job writing this book review and as i reead the book review i wondered if The author has written any more books. Has she? ive never known. You did a good job and i enjoyed reading your book review!
~Emily S. P.S. (If you really liked these i have some at home if you want to borrow them ;) )

The book reveiw was great! what happens in the other Katie Kazoo books, have you ever read them? anyways, i love the book reveiw!!!!
i can't wait to read it!!!!

Hi Jillian this sounds like a good book to read. Did you enjoy reading it?
~Emily B.