I am delighted that you all are so intrigued by wikis! I think this will be a wonderful way of sharing your ideas with each other, and it makes the task of responding more entertaining! I hope you like the books you have selected, and I can't wait to read your responses! MCB

I am so excited about wikis. I am a little nervous though. I think it will be cool to have like a book club online. JLM :)

At first I was nervous at the idea of our class ( the only one in the 5th grade) using a wiki which I had never heard of before. But after Ms. Howard explained it i feel much more comfortable and am so excited. Book clubs are going to be so fun and interesting! BCM

I cannot wait to start using wikis. I think it is going to be so much fun and I think it is cool that we are using it for bookclubs. I am also glad Mrs. Howard chose us and I hope she enjoys are responses. CWL

I think I'm going to love wikis. They sound like so much fun. I appreciate it that Ms. Howard thinks that we're responsible and respectful (which we are). I love that we are the only one's in fifth grade to be doing wikis, and we will be able to help sixth graders next year. KTA

Wikis sound like so much fun:) I can't wait to really get in to them with our book clubs!!!!
I would like to thank Mrs. Burris and Ms. Howard for picking us to do this. I also love my book, Midnight magic! Another thing is I love to blog, so this will be a fun experience.

Wiki's sound really exciting but I'm a little nervous about them.HGS

Wikis sound like so much fun!!! I can't wait to start using them!
Doing these book clubs are going to be really awesome. (JDD)

I'm so exictied to be using wikis. Avi is my favorite author, so I'm really glad I got Midnight Magic. I'm so glad that Ms. Howard chose us to do this and I want to thank her. Wikis are gonna be awesome!!! My sister had one and I was always so jealous, not any more!! I cant wait to start using these, so funfun!!-IGL

I thought wikis were going to be harder than they are. I was really nervous. Now they sound pretty
easy and really fun! I agree, this new book arangement sounds awesome! I feel
special to be chosen as well. We have one lucky class!

Wikis sound like SO much fun!! I think its really cool
how this whole web page thing is set up!!!
I'm so excited and can't wait to get started!
I also love the book I'm reading(Midnight Magic)
I feel so special being the guinea Pigs for wiki's!!
Thank you Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Burris!!

This project sounds so cool. I wish we could have learned this sooner so we could
done this more. I can't wait to get started on my book responses( for Minight Maddness).
Thanks Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Burris (WRH)

Wikis sound like soooo much fun! I like the look of Silverwing, and doing it with
this will be cool! GH

I am so excited about wikis. This whole unit is going to be so much fun. I think Silverwing is going to be a great book,(the one with the bat) . Thank you Mrs.Burris and Mrs. Howard for showing us this new and fun thing, wikis!-WTW

WOW, fifth graders!! I am so excited that you are so excited. What a group of interested, intelligent students!! Thank you so much for being so attentive in class today- I can already tell that you will do an excellent job. I am just glad that Mrs. Burris has so many responsible students! Way to Go! Keep up the great work!!
Ms. Howard
(I love how some of you are experimenting with colors! And, most have initialed their work. Yes! Remember to pay attention to proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.)

I think it is fantastic that we (our class) can have the chance to have our own wikis. Especially, since we are the only class the whole fifth grade to have them. I am so enthusiastic!!!!!! BJH

I am definitely ready to start wikis. It sounded cool when Mrs. Howard was giving us "the insider." I have had a wiki before just by myself but I think it will be a better experience since we are doing it in groups and only our class is. I can't wait to get further into this then we already are. Plus, I cant wait until we are in 6th grade since we can continue these wikis. Well, I was more nervous before Ms. Howard came but now i am feeling very comfortable. C.R.C

I am so glad we get to do wikis! I thiink they are so cool how we get to respond to others work and make our own work. I can't wait till we actually start! The Boggart looks like a great book and when i started reading it is was very interesting.SMC

brother has a wiki...... I quess im excited but i dont know i just know thats its better than those original book clubs. I think its great we get this privalidge THE ONLY CLASS IN FITH GRADE to do this. JW

I am so siked about book clubs!! I think these will be A LOT better than the other book clubs. Anyway, I felt so weird when Ms. Howard told us that we were always being traced. I felt like someone will always be watching me. After she explained everything, I was so excited to be given the privilege of using a WIKI. Thank You so much Mrs. Burris AND Mrs. Howard for choosing our class for this job. Hope to see a lot more comments!! I have a great time reading what my classmates have to say! See you tomorrow everyone!

I look forward to reading future entries from the fifth grade. There is no reason to be nervous, JLM. -WK

I agree with Mr. K - everyone has done a great job! Keep up the diligent work on the Burris's Book Clubs wiki! MMH