Title: A Long Way from Chicago
Author: Richard Peck
Written By: Thomas Muldowney

A Long Way from Chicago is about a brother and sister going to visit their crazy grandmother in her sleepy, old, Illinois town. It is a realistic fiction novel. The author is Richard Peck. The story takes place at the beginning of the Great Depression.

Joey Dawdle is an 11 year old boy. He likes to be called Joe because he thinks Joey is too “kiddish”. He tries to act mature in the story.

Mary Alice is Joey’s 9 year old sister. She thinks she can be the next Shirley Temple [ Shirley Temple is a big movie star and dancer at the time]. Mary Alice is constantly dancing! Find out what happens when she actually enters a talent show!

Finally the very crazy Grandma Dowdle! She is very eccentric and independent. She even throws a BOMB into her own kitchen! She can be very grouchy and quarrels with her neighbors. She is a very strict, but loving grandma.

Joey and Mary Alice are spending the summer with their grandma. The author tells an exciting story about the family’s mischievous adventures. Read about Joey’s ride in a World War II plane. Another funny part is when grandma and the kids catch the Sheriff and his little gang/club singing in their underpants! Grandma says, “He couldn’t even carry a tune in a bucket,” when they caught the Sheriff and gang singing.

I think this book is unique. It does not have a major problem but each adventure the family takes usually has a bump in the road! This makes the book exciting!

I have never read a Richard Peck book before, but he made a very good first impression! I recommend this book to people who like different books that have lots of humor and surprises! This book is part of a sequel. The next book is called, A Year Down Yonder.