• Head of School: Mr. Stephen Kennedy

  • Associate Head of School: Dr. Alicia Andreou

  • Early Learning Department Coordinator: Mrs. Dawn Pile

  • Upper Learning Department Coordinator: Mrs. Maryellen Berry

  • Director of Teacher and Learning: Ms. Megan Howard

My Sixth Grade Script:

Our administration is very special. They are all working hard to make Trinity a better place. They encourage challenge, nature, traditions, innovative thinking, and energetic children that want to learn. They strive to develop intellectual joy, inspire leadership, respect every voice, and promote competence and confidence every day. The Head of School is Mr. Stephen Kennedy, the Associate Head of School is Dr. Alicia Andreou, the Early Learning Department Coordinator is Mrs. Dawn Pile, the Upper Learning Department Coordinator is Mrs. Maryellen Berry, and the Director of Teacher and Learning is Ms. Megan Howard. Every one of our administration is highly respected, and all are helping Trinity become a better place to be.